Lebensmittel- und Sondermaschinenbautechnik

The manual Leakage Testing, DPG manual from LESOMAT, is used for sample analysis of the tightness of packaging. Ideally, film-packaged products are tested in the test chamber. In the process it is completely non-destructive for the products.

The laboratory apparatus DPG manual can be ordered with one or more test stations.

Our specially developed test technique can make very accurate conclusion about the tightness of your packaging within seconds. A specific test- or protective gas (like helium or CO2) is not needed with the LESOMAT DPG manual. During the test, the product is neither destroyed nor contaminated. Tight products can be returned to the line.

The test results can be stored indelible to be evaluated by your company. This documentation is in addition for the manufacturer evidence of the permanent record of his duty of care in the packaging process (HACCP).

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DPG manual