Lebensmittel- und Sondermaschinenbautechnik

LESOMAT developes special leakage testing machines, which can be installed in an existing production line to control fully automatic the leak tightness of packages online, or they can be used offline as a stand-alone device for manual random testing.

Our specially developed test method does not require special gases (such as CO2 or helium tester) and it is absolutely non-destructive for the products. The LESOMAT Leakage Test is a highly recommended alternative for delicate water-sensitive products such as coffee, tea, cocoa, medicines, powder of any kind, cheese, cookies and pastries. Since our test method does not destroy the products, like it could be the case in a conventional water testing, it is a very worthwhile investigation for every factory checking its products for leakage.

Especially for the pharmaceutical industry, the DPG vacuum chamber has been developed for collective packings.

The test results can be stored indelible to be evaluated by your company.


For more information about our Leakage Testing see the links below:

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