Lebensmittel- und Sondermaschinenbautechnik

Welcome to LESOMAT - the Food and Special Purpose Machinery Manufacture in the heart of Europe!

LESOMAT is an engineering company that is successfully specialized in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

Our work ranges from the development of customer specific special equipment on the automation of existing production processes to the planning of complete production units. Based on solid and innovative mechanical engineering and the continuous upgrade of our in-house software.

The range of our products includes feeding- and distribution plants, adjustment stations, inlay- and buffer systems, sorting plants, cartoning assistance and product stacking plants for different applications.

The new Vacuum Chamber with Regassing serves the shelf life extension of fresh pizza and bakery products (e.g. bread and sandwich).

The quality assurance is greatly improved by the new products of our leakage testing series which can be placed into the running production flow to test packages on their leakage (DPG-online) or alternatively as control devices beside the production line (DPG-manual/-offline).

Special purpose machinery manufacture is our core competence, quality assurance our passion.

We are looking forward to your request!